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Welcome to www.creativedesigngames.com, home of “Storm Force”. We want to make your experience here enjoyable and informative as possible. Therefore we ask that you review the following Terms & Conditions carefully. By using this website or any of our online services you agree to abide by these Terms & Conditions. Please check the main page of this website and these Terms & Conditions frequently as they may change.


All website, online service and game content, including but not limited to text, code, visual or audio media, interactive elements, photographs and images are wholly owned by Creative Design Games Inc. “the Company”,  its affiliates, and its third party licencors, and are protected by applicable US and International Copyright laws. The unauthorized use of any website, online service or game content is prohibited and may result in civil and or criminal liability. The Creative Design Games Inc. trademarks, trade names and logos are the intellectual property of Creative Design Games Inc.  All other trademarks, logos, or trade names used on our websites, online services and games are the property of their respective owners. Reproduction of any trademark, logo, or trade name on any of the Company websites, online services and games without permission from the owner is prohibited by applicable laws.


This website and all online services, games and content embodied therein that are made available on this site are wholly owned by Creative Design Games Inc. By using our website or accessing any online service or game made available, you agree to the following:

● We prohibit any copying, reproduction, and circumvention of technology of the online services or games beyond the terms of this license. Your use of this website and your access to Creative Design Games Inc. products are available only by virtue of the licensed use set forth herein, as opposed to being sold or assigned to you, and your continued legal use of any game is contingent upon your compliance with these Terms & Conditions.

● Subject to payment of applicable fees, if any, you are hereby granted the non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, and limited right to access the online service or game for your personal, non-commercial use.

● You may not modify, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, adapt, translate, sub-license, auction, rent, lease or sell all or any part of this website or any online service or game produced by Creative Design Games Inc.  In addition, you may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble any part of this website or any content available on this website, including but not limited to game files, demos, source code, audio files, graphic files, or user generated content.  All rights not expressly granted are reserved by us. You agree that you have no interest, monetary or otherwise, in any feature, content, or intellectual property contained in any online service or game purchased or used from this site.

● Without a valid distribution Agreement between you and Creative Design Games Inc.  you may not make any part of this website, online service or game or the content therein available on any third party network, FTP, internet website, torrent site, social network, file-sharing service, intranet, or “cloud”, whereby individuals other than you may download and install the online services or games.  You further agree that you will not link to any such third party network, torrent, FTP, file-sharing service, intranet, or “cloud” that is not legally owned by Creative Design Games Inc. or its distributors.

● You agree that Creative Design Games Inc. may collect personally identifiable information from you for purposes related to your use of our products and services and that some personally identifiable information provided by you may be stored outside the country in which you reside. For this reason you should carefully review our Privacy Policy.

You agree to abide by our code of conduct as set forth below.

User Accounts

Creative Design Games Inc. requires all users to be over the age of thirteen (13) or to have a signed parental consent provided to the Company for any user under the age of thirteen (13). Your creation of a user account through any Creative Design Games Inc. website will enable you to participate in any online service or game offered through our websites.  When providing information please ensure that it is truthful and accurate. If Creative Design Games Inc. has reasonable grounds to suspect that you have provided any information that is inaccurate, not current or incomplete, Creative Design Games Inc. may suspend or terminate your ability to use or access any online service or game, and refuse any and all current or future use of or access to any or all of our online services and games on our websites (or any portion thereof). Creative Design Games Inc. reserves the right to limit the number of accounts a user can establish, however, you are not limited to creating a single account. This limit may change over time in our sole discretion. You are solely responsible for all activity on any and all of your Creative Design Games Inc. account(s) and for the security of your computer system. You should not reveal your username or password to any other person. Creative Design Games Inc. or any employee or agent thereof will not ask you to reveal your password. If you forget your password, you can request to have a new password sent to your registered e-mail address. You agree to indemnify and hold Creative Design Games Inc. and their respective employees, contractors, officers, directors, shareholders, agents, representatives, vendors, and content providers harmless for any improper or illegal use of any of your Creative Design Games Inc. account(s). This includes illegal or improper use by someone to whom you have given permission to use your Creative Design Games Inc. account(s) or whom you have negligently allowed to access your Creative Design Games Inc. account(s). We are not responsible for any loss of Virtual Items resulting from unauthorized access to any of your account(s). Creative Design Games Inc. reserves the right to terminate your Creative Design Games Inc. account(s) if any activity that occurs with respect to such account(s) violates these Terms of Use. In the event of termination you will not be entitled to any refunds, returns, or compensation in connection with your account(s).

In Game Items

Certain Creative Design Games Inc. online services and games may enable you to obtain a variety of virtual items such as virtual currency, virtual goods, additional levels and content packs (“virtual items”) that can be used while using our online services and playing our games. You may be required to pay a fee to obtain virtual items. When you use virtual items within any Creative Design Games Inc. online services or games, any virtual items that you have purchased will be deemed used before any virtual items that you have earned. You have no property interest in any virtual items. Any purchase of virtual items, and virtual items accumulated through any applicable player incentives or benefits, are purchases of a limited, non-transferable, revocable license to use those virtual items within the applicable Creative Design Games Inc. online service or game. Virtual items may not be transferred or resold for commercial gain in any manner, including, without limitation, by means of any direct sale or auction service. Virtual items may not be purchased or sold from any individual or other company via cash, barter or any other transaction without the written permission of the Company. Virtual items have no monetary value, and cannot be used to purchase or use products or services other than within the applicable Creative Design Games Inc. online service (s) or  game(s). Virtual items cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash or any other tangible value. Creative Design Games Inc. may manage, regulate, control, modify or eliminate your virtual items at our sole discretion, and Creative Design Games Inc. will have no liability to you or anyone for exercising those rights. In addition, all virtual items are unconditionally forfeited if your Creative Design Games Inc. account(s) are terminated or suspended for any reason, at Creative Design Games Inc’s sole discretion, or if Creative Design Games Inc. discontinues any game hosted through our site(s) or third party service or any portion or feature of any online service or game. Creative Design Games Inc. has no liability for hacking or loss of your virtual items. Creative Design Games Inc. has no obligation to, and will not, reimburse you for any virtual items lost due to your violation of these Terms & Conditions. Creative Design Games Inc. reserves the right, without prior notification, to limit the order quantity on any virtual items and/or to refuse to provide you with any virtual items. Price and availability of virtual items are subject to change without notice.

Code of Conduct

We encourage you to create an account, interact on our forums or games, and be a part of our community. However, we want to ensure that every member of our community has a enjoyable online experience. When using our forums or games you agree to comply as follows:

● You will not use any profanity or obscene language.

●You will not act, speak or post (including written text, pictures, videos or any other form of communication), in a harmful, abusive, hateful, racially, threatening, bullying, vulgar, sexually explicit, defamatory, ethnically, religiously or otherwise offensive manner or otherwise inflict emotional or psychological harm on other community members;

● You will not infringe, invade or abuse the personal privacy or publicity rights of others, or encourage conduct that would violate a law.

● You will not share the personally identifiable information or the private information of any third party or other user;

● We encourage fan art. However, do not publish art or other content that does not belong to you unless you are absolutely certain you have express permission from the original author.  By uploading your own fan art or fan content, you agree to grant us a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive, and universal license to use that fan art in connection with the promotion and distribution of our products.

● You will not Post content or engage in conduct that may expose Creative Design Games Inc. or its users to any harm or liability, as determined in Creative Design Games Inc’s sole judgment.

● Cheating, hacking, and exploits. We have a zero tolerance concerning the hacking, exploitation of bugs, or misuse of our games. By accessing our online services and games you agree that you will not, under any circumstances:  Create, use, distribute or promote any cheats, hacks, tools or programs that alter, enhance, or diminish other players’ use or enjoyment of the online services or games, or use any other file other than those provided by Creative Design Games Inc to access the online services and games;  Exploit glitches, bugs, errors in design or undocumented features to gain access to restricted content or features, avoid payments,  circumvent payment tools or systems, or otherwise obtain a product or gameplay advantage;  Hack, interfere with or disrupt the online services or games or any computers or networks connected to the online services and games;   Use any macros, bots, auto-looters, bots, auto-refreshers or other software programs, plug ins, or add-ons to automate gameplay; and Attempt to circumvent encryption, security or control measures preventing such software programs, except as permitted by law.


• All information, content, services, and material available in the online services and games accessed through any Creative Design Games Inc websites are provided on an “As Is” basis. To the full extent applicable by Law, we disclaim any Warranties Or Representations of any kind, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. We do not warrant the non-infringement of intellectual property or proprietary rights in any content available.

• Your access to and use of any online serves and games on Company websites is done so at your own risk. We do not warrant that your ability to enjoy any online services and games or our websites will be timely, secure, uninterrupted, or defect-free. In no event will Creative Design Games Inc (Including Its officers, directors, employees, or agents) nor its affiliates be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages (including but not limited to lost profits, loss of business, procurement of substitute goods or services, loss of use or loss of data, or business interruption) however caused and on any theory of liability, whether in contract, strict liability, or tort arising in any way out of access or use of any online services and games offered through our websites.

• In addition, Creative Design Games Inc and its licencors and distribution partners disclaim any and all warranties with respect to the privacy and integrity of the computer resources you use to access our online services and games or our websites. Neither we nor our licencors or distribution partners shall be liable for any disruptions, delays or other omissions in any connection, data exchange or other interaction that you may experience when you use any Company site or any online services and games accessed through our sites. Neither we, nor our licencors or distribution partners, shall be responsible for your conduct
or the conduct of any other users or computers that connect, exchange data, or otherwise interact with you or your computer as a result of your use of our sites or access to our online services and games.

DMCA Safe Harbor

To the extent possible under International Law, Creative Design Games Inc is not liable for any copyright infringement arising from any materials posted, shared, uploaded or otherwise transmitted on our websites, including advertisements, user generated content or other third party content. However, under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 we are able to provide the lawful owners of copyrighted works recourse in the event that their copyrights are infringed. If you believe that your copyrights are being violated by materials found on our websites, please contact us so that we may investigate your claims and, if appropriate, modify or remove the infringing material. We require the following information before we are able to investigate your claim:

1. An electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright;

2. A description of the copyrighted work that you believe has been infringed;

3. A description of where the material that you claim is infringing is located or identified on the website, including a verifiable link to the material;

4. Your name, address, telephone number, and email address;

5. A statement by you that you have a good-faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law, and is not a permissible “fair use” of your work; and

6. A statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the information submitted to us is accurate and that you are the owner of the copyright or authorized to act on the owner’s behalf. The above information should be provided to Creative Design Game’s Registered DMCA agent for notice of claims of copyright or other intellectual property infringement, who can be reached as follows:

Interactive Entertainment Law Group
222 N. Sepulveda Blvd. Suite #2000
El Segundo, CA USA 90245

Dispute Resolution Policy

You agree to follow this website’s dispute resolution policy as set forth below in connection with any potential claims or disputes arising from your use of this web site.

● Informal Negotiations. Parties to a dispute concerning this Agreement or the use of this website will attempt to informally negotiate a potential settlement or resolution to the dispute;

● Online Arbitration. In the event that informal negotiations are unsuccessful, the parties agree to follow the American Arbitration Association’s online arbitration procedures to resolve the dispute.

● Binding Arbitration. If for any reason online arbitration is unsuccessful or unavailable to the parties, parties agree to submit to binding arbitration in the jurisdiction of the United States, Miscellaneous Provisions

● Domicile of this website. This website is controlled, owned, and operated in the USA.  If you access this website from any other location in the world you do so at your own risk and you are responsible for the compliance of your own jurisdiction’s laws and regulations.

● Jurisdiction and Choice of Law. The validity, interpretation, and performance of these Terms & Conditions are governed and controlled by the laws and regulations of the United States. In the event of a dispute you agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of law and equity of the USA.

● Severability. If any portion of these Terms & Conditions is found invalid by any competent Court of Law, the invalidity will not affect other provisions or applications of these Terms & Conditions which can be given effect without the invalid portion.

● Notification of Changes to this Agreement. We may from time to time change these Terms & Conditions. You agree that notification to you of these changes will be effective upon posting those notifications and changes on this web site. You may also elect to receive these notifications via e-mail by providing your contact information. Creative Design Games is not liable for failure of notification in the event that the contact information provided by you is incorrect, outdated, or inactive.

● Prior Versions. These Terms & Conditions, including the web site’s Privacy Policy, constitute the full understanding of your agreement with Creative Design Games. Any prior versions of this document have no effect on these Terms & Conditions.

● Assignment. These Terms & Conditions, including the website’s Privacy Policy, may be assigned by Creative Design Games to any third party at our sole discretion by acquisition of this website or company, or by merger.