World Map

The Storm Force World Map displays an extensive archipelago of land masses deeply fissured by multiple fingered fjords. Magnitude 9 earthquakes are common and frequently result in tsunamis sweeping across low lying regions adjacent to the oceanic water bodies. As a result, many of the planet’s colonists  fled to higher, “safe zones.” Those that needed to be by the coast chose the numerous areas of fjords, ideal hiding places for military bases and lurking fleets.  The World Map is divided into Sectors of varying sizes accommodating between 250 and 1000 bases. Will you chose to remain in the relative safety of the “Green” zones or test your skills in “Amber”? Only the brave venture into the “Red” zones of all out war. But to the victor go the spoils of war.


Above:  Typical Sector layout showing a few base locations. Players can venture out alone or go hunting with their alliance, but watch out, the waters are not as safe as they seem. The NME faction is not a passive AI, it has you in its sights, and the other players are looking for YOU.  Found a base to attack; now the hard part, you have to survive.

Players navigate their fleets through the maze of land masses. Targets might be NME cargo fleets, or other players bases and fleets.  Even moving fleets can be attacked, if you can catch them. So remember, if you are out on the water, you are a target.