Terra Nova

The planet Terra Nova is where the action starts off.  An Earth like atmosphere made it suitable for colonization.  It all went smoothly for a while but old rivalries soon surfaced, as did corporate greed.  Now two rival factions are locked in bitter war against each other while both combat the dominant Nova Mining Enterprises. (NME).  All three have brought equipment through from Earth using warp gates, but it is not enough.  Players must quickly build a base using captured and mined resources.  Idyllic as it first seemed Terra Nova has a few surprises of its own for the unwary player.  Only the strongest will survive.

Overshadowing all is C5C.  What is it?  Who is it? Why do things happen unexpectedly, whose side are they really on? Where will it all lead to?  Then there are the Zentars, what do they want?  Where are they?  You need to play the game to find out.