Base Map

Fully customisable bases will be introduced as funding allows, meanwhile simple bases will exist where players can choose the placement of their buildings, research technologies, build, repair, and refit their fleets. They will be attackable by other players, so the choice of defensive buildings and layout of the base will be important!

Players will start with a base having a predefined land mass and a series of “pieces” of terrain available to them. Each terrain piece will be a different shape and will have some “buildable” space. This means that a huge number of base designs can be created by players, which will give variety to base attacking (and defending). The pieces can be arranged (including rotated) to suit the player, with a couple of important provisos:

*** Players may not block the entrance to their base (no lakes/lagoons) ***

*** Channels created must be navigable. ***


Birds Eye view of a typical base layout.  This defender is smart, or are they? The high value buildings are in three separate fjords and they are well defended. Beware Captain, these bases are not a pushover and you never know what awaits you above and below the waves. Not to mention the clock is ticking. Be decisive, or you may become the hunted.

base view

Artists concept of a small section of a Base configuration.  In this example some of the base buildings are in the far back reaches of the valley with some defenses built across the fjord.  Players would have several such fjord valleys as part of their overall base layout.

Players will be able to customize certain parts of their layout using the movable terrain modules.