What is Storm Force

On the surface, Storm Force is a Naval Strategy MMORTS based largely on contemporary ships, weapons and technology.  Players build a base and ships, research technology, collect resources and attack other players.  You can play at a fun easy to play level or get serious and take full advantage of the strategic elements of the game. Because like any good game, there is a complex storyline to unravel, one that goes way beyond just Storm Force.  Either way, the high definition graphics make Storm Force a rewarding experience, in more ways than one. 

That is because Storm Force is the world’s first declared 5D game. No you don’t need a supercomputer or special glasses.  You’re familiar with 3D, and Storm Force gives you that for sure.  The 4th Dimension is time.  As the game progresses players have the option of shifting to another era during certain campaigns and missions,  or stay where they are.  The time option provides a change of scenery and tactics, it has certain advantages and rewards.  Once a player has gained a certain level then the option to time warp becomes a permanent option, a game within the game.

But Storm Force is a 5D game.  The 5th Dimension is ‘that which is beyond our normal experience, a dimension that can not be seen and certainly not usually considered”.  Likewise the 5D aspect of Storm Force is that which is not normally experienced by gamers.  One of the features that makes Storm Force different is its commitment to giving back to players, even those playing for free, with generous in game and real life rewards.  You will find much, much more too, but lets look at the Game itself.