Ship Weapons

Ship Weapons in Storm Force fall into 4 categories:

       40mm      76mm 

1) Ballistic – These cannons or guns start with 37/40mm, 76mm, 127mm and go up to 406mm. Each caliber is researchable, but larger caliber weapons are heavy, have a lower rate of fire, and may only be fitted to some ships. Their firepower increases with caliber

Harpoon Missile

2) Missiles – Missiles are of 3 main types: Short range barrage weapons, medium range anti-ship missiles, and strategic missiles.


3) Defensive  – These are mainly of the CIWS (Close in Weapons System) type, and are for shooting down incoming projectiles


4) Underwater weapons – initially just torpedoes, for use in ship to ship and ship to base combats (against water based targets), but will be expanded for submarine and anti-submarine uses.