Meet the Team

Robert Zinnack.  CEO and President, Director of Game Design

Robert has been a director of, on occasion a partner in, companies involved in Tourism, International Network Marketing, Fisheries, and Agriculture. He is a qualified Auditor in Food Safety and a Quality Assurance Program designer. A keen war gamer and military history buff, Robert turned his creative design talents to online games in 2014.

Hank Kervel.  Chief Operations Officer and Chief Finance Officer 

Hank served in the Navy in communications and performed as an Electronics Technician. He also studied Computer Engineering at College and with CDI College as a Computer Technician. He was a database and software designer for logistics in the Trucking Dispatch Industry, resulting in improved tracking and dispatch across North America.  Hank also was involved in game design development and coding for 2 years. He has owned 2 companies that designed and built computers and network systems for businesses. Hank also does the Unity developing for the game and part time IT work

John Crowll. Director of Data Systems

John served in the U.S. Army as an Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) analyst and at the Foreign Science and Technology Center (FSTC) He has an Associate of Applied Science degree majoring in computer programming. Leaving the army to fill a civilian position he was Chairman of the Technical Development Panel of the ELINT Technical Analysis Working Group (ETAWG) He is a keen tabletop gamer and military buff. John consulted where his analytical abilities are essential and greatly appreciated.

Linden Turvey.  Company Secretary

Linden attended Dulwich College. He worked for 5 years in the Hotel & Catering Industry then studied Engineering at the University of Portsmouth before working for McDermott Associates as a Senior Consultant in Information Management.  He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Business and IT Consultant.  Linden worked at an indie game design studio as Lead Game Designer from 2013 to Jan 2015. He has held 2 Company Directorships.

Shawn Vermette.  IT Manager

Shawn studied Multimedia Applications at Robertson College, learning 3D modelling, Flash game programming and animation. He worked in Graphic Design, then with customer service and as a composite repair technician and IT Field Technician. Shawn is a construction contractor and provides freelance computer repair work. Shawn programs using C# and Unity and manages the Storm Force IT.

Jason Ordway. Support Manager

Jason has a flair for customer relations.  He is the players main link with the Storm Force team and has the endless patience required to deal with all issues that arise.

Chris Rabideau. Senior Developer

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Game Design and has worked on designing and developing games for over 30 years. He has worked on several games and MMO titles for the PC, along with designing, developing, and releasing two games for the Xbox 360 from his own indie game studio. Chris has a passion for games, more specifically MMO and RTS titles, and is looking forward to bringing that passion to Storm Force.

Plus a special Thanks to our other Programmers and Support Staff that truly make this a Team project. A sincere “Well done”.