Developer Blog #1

Hello, everyone!

I’m the developer here on Storm Force and I just wanted to say a few quick words: Today we’re bringing a large update to all Alpha Players that I hope you’ll be excited to explore. The game will be down for approximately a few hours as we get everything updated for you.

This update brings a lot of changes to all areas of the game, but especially to your base. (You can find more specific details about all the changes in the latest Release Notes.) If you have any feedback about the changes, or if you experience any problems, please let us know on our Forums and we’ll be certain to address them as soon as we can.

This update is just the beginning for everything we have planned to deliver you with Storm Force. There are a lot of changes planned for the multiplayer and combat aspects of the game on the way. But I’m thrilled that you finally get to see how much has changed with the game recently and I hope you find a lot to keep you busy until our next update.

Thank you for playing Storm Force. I’ll see you in the game!

Chris “MadMojo” Rabideau