CEO News #2

Creative Design Games is only 4 months old and it has been a busy time.  In January our first game, Storm Force, was only a concept rattling around in the back of my mind.  Thanks to the mammoth efforts of a determined and dedicated team, today we are able to launch a multiplayer Battle Arena.

This is the heart of Storm Force and represents a significant stage of the overall game development, and it is free to play.  The Battle Arena is now a permanent feature and will be added to each week, sometimes more frequently, so keep an eye out for each new development, including some mini events.   Please feel free to try your skills in battle, invite some friends and go hunting.

When the game officially launches later in the year the Battle Arena will be where Fleet v Fleet battles take place.  The World Map, the Base Attack Map (Base Arena) and the Player’s Base itself will be modified versions of the Battle Arena.  In one step we have come a long way and are on schedule for game launch.

With today’s launch of our website we have also started Storm Raiser.  To date we have funded Storm Force entirely ourselves and with the help of some wonderful volunteers.  To speed things up we have introduced a fundraising program with some very attractive player rewards, especially for the Early Birds.  Many of these reduced prices will not be repeated when the game launches.  The Guild section also offers an opportunity for investment in the game.  So check out Storm Raiser.

Feel free to contact the team on the Forums or Facebook pages if you have any questions or ideas.  The Moderators are very helpful and while you’re at it, why not challenge them to a battle?

Thank you for your interest in Storm Force.

Kind Regards,

Rob Zinnack (Riptide)

CEO Creative Design Games Inc.