Alpha Update #6

Final Alpha testing has begun. We have now implemented our new data base and our server is much more stable. There will be no more resets we have now got everyone to level one in the building stage. The Alphas are given enough resources to get all buildings to level 3. At the moment the sector part of the game is closed as we are getting ready for base hitting if you look in your base you will see your DockYard and ShipYard there you will see your ships for base hitting. Base hitting is not far off we are almost there. Sector map will be up soon there will be many upgrades coming so keep coming back and build your base we will let you know when you can start building ships. Any bugs you find please contact the help desk let them know we are addressing the right away.
For the Beta Testing that should not be long now before we get that going we will also be getting players there gold into their account and then your pledge ships to follow….
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